Mid-Atlantic Lutherans in Mission is a vital channel for mission support, development, and innovation, born out of a need to address…

An abundance of mission opportunity — The Mid-Atlantic region is one of the largest and most diverse mission fields in North America.


Changing patterns of mission support — The appeal of giving to a denominational entity that then makes decisions on the distribution of those funds locally is changing as new generations seek to be involved more directly in choosing, supporting, and volunteering for projects of interest to them.


Funding innovative models for ministry in the 21st-century church - New opportunities in urban ministry, ethnic outreach, programs to address pastoral shortages, neighborhood ministry, and international missions require funding innovative projects that reach people in new ways. 


MALIM is made up of volunteers because we want to keep administrative costs to a minimum in order that direct support of mission remains central. Because we work in partnership with the SED, we urge congregations, in particular, to support MALIM with gifts over and above their regular commitments to the District. We are an independent 501(c)(3) corporation.


If you feel a desire to be actively involved in making an impact in moving God’s mission forward, keep us in prayer and partner with us as an individual or congregation.  You can donate via this website, or if you would like to find out other ways to support our mission, please contact us by clicking on the link below.