Thanks to a very generous gift from the Luther Memorial School Foundation, Richmond, VA, MALIM is now offering grants for Lutheran schools serving children in grades K-8. Grants will be awarded only to Lutheran schools operating within the geographical region of the Southeastern District LCMS. Early Childhood Development Centers are NOT eligible for these grants. Lutheran High Schools and Middle Schools are eligible as long as the project is inclusive of that portion of their operation affecting grades K-8.  ​These grants are intended to enhance the ministry of nurture and the outreach mission of Lutheran schools.

Grants are given for a limited period of time, generally one year, with a minimum request of $10,000 up to a maximum of $50,000. Grants may be renewable for a second or third year, dependent upon submission of required reports and measurable satisfactory outcomes, for a maximum of $150,000 per 3-year period.

Below are the funding areas established by the donor of these funds and some ideas of projects that could be funded. These are examples only and MALIM encourages innovation and creativity in requests for project support.

A) Capital Expenditures

  • Renovation of facilities to enhance ministry

  • Funding for security and safety upgrades

  • Funding for a new school facility that has been approved and will be supported by a congregation or association

B) Curriculum

  • New curriculum materials (textbooks, resource materials, equipment)

  • Funding for the fine arts (art, music, drama)

  • Funding for classroom materials and equipment (science, physical education, math)

C) Technology

  • Funding for updating technology or purchase of new technology

D) Salary

  • Provide a 30% salary benefit for a called, rostered LCMS teacher or administrator for a Kindergarten through 8th-grade school start that has been approved by a congregation or association.

It should be noted that funds are NOT available for teacher training, conferences, educational speakers, individual grants to teachers, student financial aid, or to study the feasibility of a school start.

An invitation to submit a Letter of Interest will be sent via email to eligible schools in January of each year.

For more information on grants for Lutheran schools, please fill out the Contact Us form below and you will receive a response via email.