iNeighborhood is an initiative that exists to connect people with Jesus as we reach out to our neighbor – one house, one street, one zip code at a time – making a difference by serving, sharing, and blessing our neighbors with the love of Jesus.

Congregations are sending their members out into the neighborhood to become a blessing right where they live, work, and play.  As these members are connecting with their neighbors, they identify opportunities for formal or informal gatherings that promote fellowship, neighborliness, and opportunities to listen and to share about Jesus.

Sometimes these opportunities take place around a meal, a helping event, or a neighborhood celebration.  Sometimes, as seen in the video below, they are as simple as buying a picnic table for the front lawn.  MALIM is partnering with the Southeastern District to provide funding for small Micro-Grants to help make these neighborhood connections possible.  These are one-time grants, usually under $500.

Jeff and Stacey Crosson are members of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Springfield, Virginia.

For more information on iNeighborhood, visit their website: