Because Christ sends us to bring the Gospel to all nations, Mid-Atlantic Lutherans in Mission takes seriously the call to support LCMS missionaries around the world in addition to our local projects.

All our missionaries or mission teams have special ties to the Mid-Atlantic region.  They are either sons or daughters of the Southeastern District or have been in recent ministry within the District.

Individuals or congregations decide to support or “adopt” a specific mission of their choice and receive regular reports from that missionary.

All gifts go directly for the support of the chosen mission project unless otherwise designated for general support.

We carry on our international mission projects through a unique partnership with Mission Central, Mapleton, Iowa.  Like MALIM, Mission Central serves as a channel of support for people who desire to make general gifts or specific gifts “adopting” a missionary of their choice.

Mission Central is the largest supporting agency of LCMS world mission and operates with a volunteer staff of 98.  By partnering with Mission Central, we make use of their volunteer administrative structure, and we enjoy the same assurance from LCMS that all our funds go directly to the missionaries we have chosen.

To learn more about Mission Central, visit their website: