MALIM Awards Grants to Lutheran Schools

MALIM has awarded grants to 8 Lutheran schools in the Southeastern District. These funds will be used for various projects to enhance curriculum, develop new programs, assist with community outreach and more. Join us in praying for God's blessings on all these new endeavors!

MALIM Vice-President Tim Fangmeier presents certificate of grant award to staff of Emmanuel Lutheran School, Asheville, NC

St. Stephen's, Hickory, NC to upgrade their school libraray

St. Paul's, Catonsville, MD to purchase ChromeBooks for every student and construct a playgound pavillion to be used by the school and community

Concordia Prep, Baltimore, MD to create an engineering laboratory classroom

Emmanuel, Asheville, NC to develop a STEM curriulum and program for the school

Emmanuel, Baltimore, MD to assist in funding a resource teacher for the school

Our Savior, Arlington, VA for renovations and upgrades to their parking lot and playground

Immanuel, Alexandria, VA to assist with developing a visual arts curriculum

Pilgrim, Baltimore, MD to create a computer lab and learning cetner