Purpose Statement

The Atlantic coastal region is one of the largest mission fields in North America.  Mid-Atlantic Lutherans in Mission wants to move God’s mission forward as never before.  Therefore, we welcome individuals and congregations desiring to become partners with us in the Gospel, and we will provide each of you with:


  • Opportunities to personally connect with and financially support a new mission or ministry.

  • Opportunities to use your time and abilities to be an Advocate for mission advancement and Gospel witness.

  • Opportunities to direct your gift to a specific mission or project with the joy of seeing the impact you intend


Mid-Atlantic Lutherans in Mission is made up of volunteers because we want to keep administrative costs to a minimum in order that direct support of mission remains central. The mission projects we support are chosen in coordination with the Southeastern District – LCMS.  Our international mission projects support LCMS missionaries with ties to the Southeastern District in coordination with our mission partner, Mission Central.