Southeastern District

International Missionaries

Carl and Karen Cecil, from Our Savior’s Way Lutheran Church in Ashburn, VA, serve the Lord as missionaries in Germany. They work with the LCMS partner church in Germany, The Selbständige Evangelish—Lutherische Kirche (SELK), to reach the large-scale Middle- Eastern refugees sharing with them the love and hope of salvation in Jesus Christ.

Mark and Megan Mantey, from Resurrection Lutheran Church in Cary, NC, serve the Lord in Uganda. Mark serves as project manager for construction of a seminary. As an instructor of Christian education and counseling, Megan teaches classes at the seminary in Uganda. Together they share the love of Jesus in urban and village areas.

Rev. Shauen and Krista Trump, from Resurrection Lutheran Church in Cary, NC, serve based out of Nairobi, Kenya. As the LCMS area director for Eastern and Southern Africa, Shauen supervises LCMS personnel and implements strategies that tell people about Jesus. Krista works as a project coordinator.

Rev. James and Angela Sharp, from Christ Lutheran Church in Dundalk/Baltimore, MD, serve in Uruguay. James works with several churches. Angela serves as a Lutheran School teacher and partners in a Lutheran school of 1,200 students. Both work to bring Jesus to many people in South America.

Krista and Joel Young, from Hope Lutheran Church, Wake Forest, NC, serve based out of Nairobi, Kenya. Krista is a Director of Christian Education and volunteer coordinator. The Young family shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ in East Africa.

Rev. J.P. and Aimee Cima, from Redeemer Lutheran Church in Richmond, VA, serve based out of Hanoi, Vietnam. Together they share Jesus through human care projects, nonprofit social enterprise, and they provide Christ-centered leadership at Concordia

Kate Phillips, from St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Annapolis, MD serves the Lord in the Dominican Republic.  As a deaconess intern, Kate works with local staff at a church plant, connecting with and teaching youth and women.  She also assists in the mercy work through local mercy houses.

Joanna Johnson, from St John Lutheran Church in Conover, NC, serves the Lord in Taiwan sharing Jesus through teaching English and Bible in a school.