Specific Ministry Pastor


If your pastor were to leave for another call or for retirement, would you be able to call a new pastor?  For many congregations, the answer to that question is “No”.  This situation applies to rural, urban, small and average-sized congregations alike as well as larger congregations in need of additional pastoral staff.

Many pastoral vacancies exist in the Southeastern District, and there are not enough pastors graduating from the seminaries each year to fill them.

The Specific Ministry Pastor Program (SMP) is a means by which God is able to raise up men for ministry within the settings of congregations or ministries in which they are already serving.  

The SMP Program is a four-year state of the art distance education program in which students receive academic training in the setting where they will continue to serve following ordination. While taking classes through the Seminary, they work with local pastor-mentors who support them in the program with day-to-day guidance, encouragement, and prayer.  Upon completion of the program, they are ordained and certified to serve in their current ministry.

The SMP program is a means of providing pastors for the 21st-century church, enabling smaller churches to continue their mission and larger churches to obtain the staff needed for the challenges of their growing ministry.

On average, education costs for the SMP Program total approximately $10,000-$11,000 per year. These costs may be shared by the calling (sending) congregation, district, and student.

The Southeastern District currently has seven men enrolled in SMP and 2 who have applied. Most of the congregations these men serve are small and financially challenged.  Most SMP students are second career men who have families, are working full-time, actively serving their church, and managing classwork through one of our seminaries.  When you partner with MALIM to support the SMP program, you are helping to support men who have heard God’s call and who will serve congregations in the Southeastern District.

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